Writing Stories

It appears that media and entertainment are slowly making way into the cyber world to allow access to a wider international market. Music, movies and even books now become an online commodity, purchased at will or obtained through illegal means. Despite the growing concerns of plagiarism and theft of intellectual property, it is a transfer that is inevitable as consumers are demanding for a wider choice of products available through the web.writing stories
A type of platform slowly gaining popularity is one that allows for budding writers to share their creative works online. Writing stories, articles or even daily ramblings are free and easy to publish on the right websites. Host sites such as Blogger and Wordpress are teemed with talented writers who may not find the conventional methods of publishing helpful. In fact, it may be seen as a hindrance when one has to go through editors and publishing houses and even dissuade a writer from sharing his or her breathtaking story with others.
With a simple search on Google, one can find multiple websites where books of various genres can be read online for free or a nominal fee as opposed to the price of a physical book. In the example of the site wattpad.com, this Canadian-based site boasts to host the largest community to discover and share stories. A myriad of genres can be found and although one may expect works of fiction, one can find non-fictional works with accurate facts and even a collection of political analysis by the site users – just to name a few.
In Wattpad's terms of service, the website explicitly disallows those below the age of 13 and convicted sex offenders from creating an account on the site. Users are also advised to use the site according to the terms stated as the site administrator reserves the right to terminate any account without notice. Perhaps these conscious efforts to ensure the online safety of Wattpad users show how web developers are actively creating a safe environment for all its users. With the transfer of media and entertainment into the World Wide Web, this could ensure a smoother transition for consumers to extend their indulgences to the online network.
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