Too Young To Start

Have you seen a toddler holding on to a mobile phone or a tablet while in a stroller? Did that made you take a second glance or did your eyes bulge at the sight? Or did you glance past without much thought into that scene? It is becoming the norm to come across young children with an electronic device in their hands in cities around the world. The children are disconnected to their surroundings and more often than not, the crowd makes their way around them instead of admonishing them to watch their steps.learn online
This could be an adverse effect that technology has on the future generations. Despite being tech-savvy at a younger age, the piece of electronic also cuts off the need for the child to engage in games with other children. It is now possible for them to be occupied for hours with the games found in their phones. In fact, elementary school children are even discussing their electronics and comparing notes on the available games. Although the child develops an understanding of a technological product at an earlier age, how does it teach these young minds of social interaction?
With the introduction of cyber-learning methods, it is a possibility that computers may replace teachers in schools and in place, the classroom only needs a technician to solve technical problems that arise. If this scenario occurs, it is the child who is at a lost without the human element in their education. Teachers do not just teach a child how to fish; they educate a child to be aware of their environment and the effects of their choices. The young impressionable minds of the children should be molded by human hands instead of the electronics we find littered everywhere and a good start would be to decrease the usage of these devices by the little ones. If possible, the next occasion a child walks by with their faces pressed to an electronic screen, we could ask them to put it away and watch the world around.
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