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With music performing an important component of leisure time for a wide variety people, it's no wonder that design companies are putting a lot of effort into creating the perfect audio product. When it comes to an ever more accurate reproduction of sound, regardless of the genre of music, it is the speakers which are at the forefront of any listeners experience. In the Philippines, as with other parts of the Far East and, indeed, the global market, speakers are becoming more and more sophisticated. After all, there is no point designing a fantastic system if this part is not given maximum attention.Harman Kardon
There can be a tendency for speaker design to be flash, intended to draw admiring glances as customers browse shelf displays. For most music systems, there aren't that many variations between one base unit and the next; for speakers, sometimes the notion exists that the more eye-catching the better. But quality will always beat quantity hands down.
Take the Harman Kardon Esquire. This is so much more than just a speaker. Durable and tough, it comes with a high degree of precision engineering beneath the bonnet. Designed to operate wirelessly, it actually resembles a bit of an old school boom box. But just as those doyens of 1980s rap music were capable of producing thunderously loud beats, this contemporary version benefits from the buttons on top that give it that retro feel. Surrounded by sleekly efficient ultra-modern design variations, based on cylinders or other geometrical shapes, the defiantly box-like structure of this speaker is a fairly bold statement. It is saying to the consumer that what counts, above all, is the sound quality itself. Any other consideration is simply gimmicky.
As described, the Harman Kardon Esquire is one of the most robust speakers you'll get for your money. Its design relies on leather and aluminium to give it, practically, a sturdy build and, aesthetically, a professional look and feel. It is a heavy speaker, meaning that it will sit far better on your shelving at home than as a portable device. Having said this, it is easily transportable. Its symmetrical shape means that it is relatively easy to pack away in a suitcase or rucksack, compared with some of the more awkward cylinders on the market. Above all, its shockproof nature means that it can cope with the inevitable bumps that come with moving hardware from A to B – although try not to make a habit of treating this faithful speaker too roughly!
Other benefits of this speaker include Bluetooth and NFC connectivity for maximum adaptability. There is also a noise-cancelling microphone should you wish to use this device in conferences. At the end of the day, it's the sheer clarity of the sound reproduction that really make the Harmon Kardon Esquire a speaker that is highly recommended, whether you intend using it in a large room, or your bedroom back home. Fully-charged its power will last for anything up to nine hours, making it perfect for a full day at the office, or for providing gentle background ambience as you chill out or even sleep at night.
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