Samsung Vs. Apple

In 2013, the whole world was made aware of the Apple vs. Samsung lawsuits. It was a period where non-technologically savvy individuals were made aware of the patent infringing suits between these two multinational companies that saw its peak when courts in various countries ruled in favor of either company. After the entire debacle, consumers worldly still ask the million dollar question: which is better – Apple or Samsung?samsung vs apple
As Haydn Shaughnessy wrote on forbes.com, Apple may be in the lead in terms of brand affection, there is a general reluctance to admit Samsung's increasing popularity with the public. As Samsung manufactures a wider variety of products, it is no surprise this electronic giant relies on brand recognition to sell its products. The newest Samsung Note 3 and Gear is a prime example of an increasing portfolio of products. The Gear doubles as a watch and phone with an attractive aesthetics.
Apple users argue that the Android platform varies on all devices hence, unreliable. The similar interface across all Apple products allow for easy usage by existing users. Some have argued that the operating system responds faster and the younger generation is able to pick-up the how to's quickly. In addition, the absence of a malignant virus that could affect the operating system of Apple products boosts its appeal.
The Apple cult would like to believe that Apple still dominates the phone market despite the death of Steve Jobs. The iOS 5, iPod NANO and iPad mini is testament to the innovative ability of Apple to constantly deliver better products to its users. On the other spectrum, Samsung has been churning out new designs and products for the phone market. Being the cheaper alternative allows the wider masses to purchase a smartphone without burning a hole in their pockets.
Apple or Samsung, the choice is yours but keep in mind that electronics do not last a lifetime.
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