Results of mobile device user survey

McAfee recently undertook an extensive survey of mobile device users' habits. Given that the number of users in the Philippines, and the Far East in general, is rising all the time, these figures make for interesting reading for a variety of reasons.Device protection
Device protection
The survey revealed that more men than women chose to protect their devices (the figures were 74% compared to 65%). This desire to ensure the content of their phones were screened from prying eyes gave rise to two-thirds stating they had considered investing in ‘biometric' security, such as face, voice or fingerprint recognition software.
Post-relationship issues
The survey revealed that 96% of adults admitted they trusted their partners with intimate content or classified information, yet this figure slumped to 32% for those asked who stated they would ask a partner to delete this material after a relationship had finished. Many couples also committed the cardinal error of sharing passwords. Around half of the respondents admitted that they shared mobile phone contents, while as many as 48% shared email accounts.
Another telling statistic that emerged from the survey was the fact that 25% admitted to having checked out their partner's mobile devices in order to look at messages or photos. A fifth said that they would be likely to use their partner's Facebook login details to check out messages and posts, and to perform this activity at least once a month. When it came to admitting stalking ex partners through social media, although the figure dropped, there was still a relatively high proportion (30%) who were undertaking this form of ‘online voyeurism'. By far the highest numbers who were taking part in this somewhat questionable activity fell into the 18 to 24 year old category.
Online affection
While this survey demonstrated significant figures for people involved in what could be termed ‘anti social relationship activities', such as stalking or disseminating private information, it was pleasing to note high returns for those who were, statistically speaking, very romantic! 91% of those taking part in the survey said that they would be using Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to celebrate Valentine's Day. 76% stated that the intended to post direct messages to others, while 58% admitted that they would be sending photographs. The gender balance between men and women celebrating their love through social media every February 14 was 72% versus 80%.
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