Relationships and technology

One of the driving forces of technology in the modern age has been in interpersonal relationships. Social media has had a massive impact on rendering the internet an interactive tool. Technological advancements have had one eye on commercial aspects for a long time, while the other has increasingly focused on making communication ever more streamlined. This has really benefited those who would previously have relied on the cumbersome procedure of sticking hopeful adverts in the ‘lonely hearts' pages of their local newspaper.Relationships and technology
Technology has opened up a universe of possibilities for dating in the Philippines and beyond. The advent of slick, instant but, crucially, completely anonymous means of sending messages has meant that there can be few excuses for not wanting to embrace social media.
Instead of sending love letters, singletons or, indeed, not-necessarily singletons, still rely on the power of the written word, only how their thoughts are transmitted has entered a whole new dimension. Some lament that the accessibility of dating websites that allow potential partners to cut to the chase, has effectively muscled romance out of the picture. For those with no interest in a relationship beyond the casual fling, going online presents so many possibilities for embracing the ‘no strings attached' arena. However, this is balanced in the websites catering for individuals genuinely looking to go through the motions of being introduced to ideal partners.
The internet has shrunk the world considerably. Where people once had pen-pals, now they can have full-blown relationships with people living on the other side of the globe, the webcam providing an instant entrance point into their world. There is something so much more exciting about having such a degree of choice at your fingertips, of having literally thousands of websites and apps to sift through as opposed to a couple of newspaper columns of singletons exclusively in your vicinity.
For every detractor remaining unconvinced about the likelihood of online dating ever rising above a matchmaking service for people looking for a quick route to casual sex, there are people who not only meet their soul-mates, but end up marrying. The fact that websites allow users to spend a long time getting to know one another through email exchanges, and then Skype calls or web chats means that it is possible to get a far better idea of the characters, good points (and not-so-good points) of the person at the other end of your texts. Composing emails also gives the writer a sense of making sure that they come across as genuine. There is greater editorial control, rather than conversation, where it can be far easier to put your proverbial foot in it!
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