Philippines call centers – increased help


Avaya are the communications development company currently providing assistance to major Philippines call center operators, such as Teleserv. Amongst the services they are promoting is the ‘Click to Chat' facility. This is available to customers in real-time, accessible via their browsers. If there's anything they don't understand on the screen, or that they are hearing in the introductory telephone spiel, then they therefore have the option to get this sorted on the spot. This will also explain how to navigate to the most appropriate area.
philippines call centers increased help for custThe benefits of having this service at the customers' fingertips are immense. One of the commonest gripes amongst customers is the fact that while they are engaged in a phone call, if there is something they don't understand they must wait until there is an appropriate point for seeking assistance or clarification. During this time the original purpose of their call can slip by the wayside.
Click to Chat couldn't be simper. All the customer has to do is to input the query into a box, click the appropriate button, and then wait a short while to read the agent's reply. As well as this facility, Avaya have been developing video-based help products to empower their customers like never before.
One example cited was the case of a major client – a printer company – who were the reason for a high volume of call center traffic (principally from customers wishing to find out how to replace a particular cartridge). When this was realized, Avaya have commissioned a short film that focuses on the correct way to deal with this issue.
So rather than spending a deal of time on the phone with a call center agent, trying to explain a situation while a customer tried his best to follow the oral instructions, a video could be dispatched. In this way the problem was ticked-off at the agent's end in seconds, rather than much longer periods of time. The saving in terms of man hours has been considerable.
For the customer, there is also the sense of being a valued client, since receiving a video is a much more personalized commitment than having an agent offer a series of suggestions down a phone line. Practically, it is not always easy for a customer to hear instructions, and then enact them, especially if there are a series of steps to be followed. A video allows for a far more logical and less time-consuming step-by-step process to be enacted.


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