Online Invitations

So it is not a surprise that your best friend is tying the knot with her fiancé of 10 years. She has her event planned down to the tablecloth of the reception and the pre-wedding photographs turned out stunning. Guests have replied to the Facebook event invitation and confirm their attendance while those who could not, send their apologies. Everything seem arranged to perfection and the couple is a match made in heaven.online invitation by email
What faux pas has this couple committed?
One only need to type ‘wedding invitation via Facebook' into Google's website to read the various arguments on inviting guests over one online platform. There are of course more articles that are against online invitations for important events and to quote Jeanne Hamilton's opinion in her website etiquettehell.com, “Emailed and social network site invitations have an air of technical sterility and bland conformity to them.” A user on whattoexpect.com's forum expressed financial concern for mother and friend who were helping her invite guests to her baby shower. Although event invitations via Facebook or Evite.com are a lazy way out, those who are stuck with a tight budget or tight schedule see this alternative as life-saving.
There are occurrences where important correspondences are lost in the mail hence, why online communication is preferable. However, online platforms come with a set of problems too: invites may be diverted to spam folders or mass invites could end up in the wrong inbox and uninvited guests could crash your event.
Perhaps technology ought to be blamed for creating new social mistakes. Where snail mail once was the proper and polite method of inviting guests to events of importance, now many opt to turn to online means. Is the 20th Century generation reshaping social etiquettes by incorporating technology into their daily interactions? That is another argument for another day in the future.
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