Old Technology Remedies

This iManila writer still remembers when Nokia was the mobile phone giant which dominated the market. Anyone who was of age to use their first mobile phone usually received or chose a Nokia phone; it could have been a fad or it could have been a sign of wisdom. Nokia phones were known for their sturdy build and reliance when one accidentally (or not so accidentally) dropped it on the floor. In fact, there were anecdotes of how when one throws a Nokia phone at a person, the unlucky person would suffer greatly while the phone remained intact.nokia phone
Walking down memory lane, Nokia models were known to display information when the right code was dialed. There was the hidden backup battery where one can increase a depleting battery to 50%. There was the code that will display the phone's serial number to show you where the phone was made in. In fact, keeping a copy of the serial number allows the owner to request for the phone to be blocked in the event of a theft. The most memorable of all is the rice remedy that originated from Nokia users.
As accidents more often than not involved water (this might have been due to the newfound usage of phones in toilets) back then, many users complained of unable to recover the soaked devices. During this period of time, the suggestion of disassembling one's phone and leaving it submerged in uncooked rice spread like wildfire. This method proved successful and seemed to solve the problem for at least a year. When touch-screen phones were the fashion, the popularity of the rice remedy faded with the decline of Nokia.
If you still have your old Nokia phone with you today whilst the Samsung and Apple giants are muscling their way through the mobile phone market, kudos to you!
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