Fun apps for Asian dating

The good news for your singletons looking for relationships - or even just fun dates in Asia - is that there is a diverse range of apps available to satisfy your every need. Here we roundup a selection of some examples which are proving to be particularly popular.Vibease
Originating in Singapore, LoveByte is a extremely popular messaging app aimed at couples. Amongst its functionality is the ability to create photo albums and save dates, as well as adding milestones such as the ‘first ever date' or special anniversaries. LoveByte includes a cool feature that allows its customers to send scratch-cards bearing secret messages. LoveByte is also available on iOS and Android.
South Korea-based Between is an app that is exclusively aimed at couples. It is intended to create an intimate one-on-one space where lovers can share chats, videos and snaps, as well as sending emoticons to each other. It is available on both Android and iOS.
Japan has always been a hotbed of app development, with many eagerly anticipated new releases hitting the market on a regular basis. Pairy is no exception, a social networking app aimed at allowing couples to record their favorite relationship moments for posterity. They also have the facility to communicate with their partners on this platform without having to sift through their many other social media accounts. This is particularly helpful when they want to send direct messages without having to be overly concerned about sorting out the various privacy settings. Much of the functionality over laps with LoveByte and Between, in that it has albums which can be shared, a chat facility, customizable calendars, as well as a data planner. Pairy is available on iOS and Android platforms.
Vibease is a sex vibrator that is compatible with either Android or iPhone devices. It can be controlled by the female or her partner. Within the privacy of her own home, the woman can view her ‘fantasy download' on her smart phone. This is a mood-enhancing video footage that buzzes in synchronicity with the vibrator. When joined by her lover, an interface along the lines of WhatsApp becomes available, allowing for some erotic interaction, with an app that can be remotely controlled. This is an example of the depth of innovation that is currently being applied to the design of apps in the Far East. A lot of imagination is being employed to take software - aimed at making aspects of modern life more convenient – to the next level in terms of what it can actually do for the individual. The mind fairly boggles when we try to imagine the types of facility that might be available for the dating market over the next decade or so!
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