Cameras For Show

When the first camera was invented, it was a marvel that a moment in time could be permanently captured for future viewings. Many decades later, the digital camera provoked similar reactions as it allowed more options for users to decide how they want to capture a moment. Image editing then became a favorite pastime as evident through various programs such as Instagram and weheartit.cameras simple affordable
From the old bulky cameras to the new sleek ‘fit-in-my-pocket' models, we have come to accept cameras as normal daily items we see. In fact, when the digital single-lens reflex camera or DSLR camera (as it is more commonly known) was first introduced in the market, it was an expensive hobby that only attracted those who could afford it. It is now 2014 and there are more amateur DSLR camera users who are still fumbling with the multiple options than professionals. In spite of that, one only needs to know of how to hold and aim a camera to pass of as a professional photographer. How did this expensive piece of equipment become a common good?
Do we really need such an advanced piece of equipment to capture precious moments in our lives? Yours truly believe that a simple digital camera with a camera sensor which helps bring out the quality of a shot is sufficient. There is a sea of cameras out there which suits our different inner photographers. A simple ‘point and click' should be the mantra of any camera owner whose only need this for this device is to record events. As a matter of fact, most digital cameras nowadays have video functions and let's face it; we don't need any special skills to record a video unless you are shooting a movie. The basic advice to any future camera owners, keep it simple and affordable.
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