Best Apps to explore Asia


Best Mobile Apps to explore Asia

Why get a travel guide when you can get an app that does everything for you? Some apps give you the information right away, they help you book a room, a tour or a trip with a few taps on your phone and they have up-to-date information. Mobile apps are revolutionizing the world of travel today: they are handy, easily accessible and provide every kind of information you need while you travel. Here are some mobile apps to travel around Asia:
Findery is a mobile app that allows you to share your experiences while exploring the world. A cross between geocaching and social networks, you can leave “digital notes” about a place and explore other travelers' memories as well. Findery is an interactive travel journal that allows you to add your videos, photos and music clips when you share a “digital note” or memory.
Combine this app with eOasia tours to access memos of all the places your guide takes you to and other travelers can read your suggestions. Open the in-built map to check out notes of nearby areas that travelers have left behind. This app is not only available in English, but also in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish and Portuguese.
Use Hopper app to get the best fares on air tickets. Designed mainly for iPhones, Hopper advises you when the best time to book air tickets. Unfortunately, the app only shows you when you should buy the ticket but you can't purchase it straight from the app.
Having Triplt mobile app is like having a personal assistant while you travel. From your travel confirmations, itineraries, tickets, car rental and hotel bookings, this app stores and manages all of your bookings. This saves you the trouble of going through your emails to check your bookings and what's more, you can even access them online, which can be incredibly useful when you are traveling and Internet access is limited.
You can even sync this app to your Google calendar, and allow it to send travel confirmations to Triplt for alerts. That will allow you to check flight number, hotel address, or confirmation number on the go. This is perfect for when you are backpacking around Asia as it allows you to find all your bookings in one place and keep track of your tours.
Travel Pocket is like having a personal accountant when you travel. This is a great expense tracker when you are traveling and it even has a currency converter. This gives you control over what you are spending and what you are spending your money on while you travel. It also gives you a summary at the end of your trip so you can see how much money you spent and what was most expensive during your trip. You can even export this into a spreadsheet.
The Converted is an app used for conversion of measurement and is useful for Asian travelers as various countries use different units. With over 200 units, 165 currencies and 52 other units including weight, temperature and speed, this app makes traveling in Asia that much more convenient.
Rome2Rio helps you plan your route by showing you different ways to get to your destination. This app is particularly helpful when you travel in Asia to save you from getting scammed. The app will help you take the local transportation, including buses, ferry and trains, and it also allows you to book a flight.
Open Signal is the network solution when you travel. It shows you Wi-Fi networks, measures signal strength and phone signals. It even shows you the area coverage and speed of local cellular carriers on a map. The app also helps you choose a local SIM card and allows you to keep track of your monthly data usage.
It's not that easy to get your bearings when you land in a new country, particularly if it's a big city. City Maps 2 Go is the ultimate travel guide and map as you can access it offline. Beforehand, you have to save places you want to visit, pin places such as your hotel, and you can access it offline. It saves you data usage or it is particularly convenient when you have no Internet at all.


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